URI GOLMAN – Arial 6


Pigment Print on paper
Limited edition – 50/50/25
Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

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“Photographing from a plane or a helicopter gives a very different perspective on things. The ground below becomes a graphic painting with unlimited possibilities to find exciting lines and compositions. Rivers become veins, trees turn into lungs and blue water becomes the blood of our planet. Few angles better comunicate conservation issues and the different angles pleases the eye. All that put aside few things beat being in the air with the feeling of soaring over the world watching it from the birds perspective. There is a certain sense of living in the moment as you constantly work hard to find the most interesting perspective, colors and shapes. When you land all you want is to get back up there.”

Uri Golman, born 1974, is one of the most distinguished Danish nature photographers. He is internationally known and renowned for his images from the Arctic nature, but has in recent years also been involved with other exotic parts of the world.
”There is something magnetic about the far north. I have been drawn towards it since I was just a small child. My first chance to visit Greenland in 1999 became a turning point in my life and I just knew I had to dive deeper into this wonderful true wilderness. Since then I have visited the Arctic on many trips and expeditions and nowhere in the world have I found the peace and the solitude that the open tundra plain can offer. The Wildlife is often sparse and far between, but the sheer joy of spotting something after many hours in the field is incomparable. To end the day in a blueberry field enjoying the quiet world, the scent of the arctic flora and dreaming of the here and now is true food for the soul.”

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