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KIRSTEN TREBBIEN – Catch of the day

KIRSTEN TREBBIEN – Catch of the day


Pigment Print on paper
Limited edition – 12/12/6
Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

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Kirsten Trebbiens pictures has direct references to 17th and 18th century painters from the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. But even though she uses many of the same elements in her images as the old masters, is not a question of copying. Instead, she creates new works, where she maintains an enigmatic atmosphere that in its own way unites past and present. The main motive is often flowers, fruits or rustic foods – or a combination of it all. At first glance it may look as though things are thrown into the picture almost by accident. Snails and beetles are crawling around between food and flowers, the cloth is curly and the glass half empty. But make no mistake. There is order in chaos and nothing is random. The secrets lies in the details, and it is not least here Kirsten Trebbien is in harmony with the old masters.

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Vælg størrelse

53 x 95 cm, 75 x 134 cm, 106 x 189 cm

Vælg montering

Uden montering, Lamineret på Dibond Aluminium, Akrylglas på Dibond Aluminium


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