IB TREBBIEN – World Champions



Litographic print 90 x 65 cm
Limited edition of 100, signed by photographer and drivers and/or Open edition without signature

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The Group C era, 1982-1993, stand for many as the golden age of endurance racing with sports prototypes.
‘ I covered the majority of the World Championship races in the period and came close to both drivers and teams. Usually my pictures ended up in magazines, newspapers and books, but after the 1990 season, I decided to throw myself over a medium that is not immediately connected with motorsport and photography. I would do a lithographic print with the new world champions: Jean-Louis Schlesser and Mauro Baldi , as well as their Mercedes-Benz C11 racecar, ‘ tells Ib Trebbien.

Ib Trebbien has through most of a long career mainly worked as an editorial photographer. As such he is probably best known for his pictures from the world of motorsport. In parallel with the general editorial work, he has also experimented with other motifs and photographic expression and sought new ways in his pictures.
‘I always seeks to adapt my photos to the context, they are made for. The image that works optimally in a printed magazine, won’t necessarily work on a website or in an art gallery. Therefore, I often work with several different versions of the same motif,’ he says.
Even though he pays tribute to the ‘Keep it simple’ rule, he don’t mind using complicated techniques in order to achieve a simplified expression in his pictures.


1973 ”Stevnske Inspirationer” Stevns Museum
1975 Køge Galleriet, Køge
1976 Galleri Jensen, Copenhagen – with Hans Meyer Petersen
1977 ”Gjorslev billeder” Stevns Bibliotek, St. Heddinge
1977 Kunstindustrimuseet, København
”Fra gotik til klassicisme” Danmarks Biblioteksforening:
1978 Gentofte Kommunebibliotek, Gentofte
1978 Trundhold Bibliotek, Vig
1978 Stevns Bibliotek, St. Heddinge
1978 Hedehusene Bibliotek, Hedehusene
1978 Vangede Bibliotek, Gentofte
1978 Ishøj Bibliotek, Ishøj
1978 Køge Bibliotek, Køge
1978 Nakskov Bibliotek, Nakskov
1978 Hvalsø Kommunebibliotek, Hvalsø
1978 Århus Hovedbibliotek, Århus
1978 Lyngby-Taarbæks kommunes biblioteker, Lyngby
1978 Fakse kommunes biblioteker, Fakse
1978 Århus Kommunes biblioteker, Viby J.
1978 Biblioteket for Vejle by og amt, Vejle
1978 Herning Centralbibliotek, Herning
1978 Langenæs Bibliotek, Århus
1978 Det sønderjyske Landsbibliotek, Åbenrå
1978 Ølgod Bibliotek, Ølgod
1978 Frederikshavn Bibliotek, Frederikshavn
1978 Jerne Bibliotek, Esbjerg
1978 Avedøre Bibliotek, Hvidovre
1978 Hirtshals Bibliotek, Hirtshals
1978 Det nordjyske Landsbibliotek, Aalborg
1979 Fredericia Bibliotek, Fredericia
1979 Hinnerup kommunebibliotek, Hinnerup
1979 Sønderborg kommunes biblioteker, Sønderborg
1979 Glostrup Bibliotek, Glostrup
1979 Ballerup Bibliotek, Ballerup
1979 Det nordjyske Landsbibliotek, Aalborg
1979 Vallensbæk Bibliotek, Albertslund
1979 Farum Kommunebibliotek, Farum
1979 Holte Bibliotek, Holte
1979 Næstved Bibliotek, Næstved
1980 Ryslinge Bibliotek, Kværndrup
1980 Kolding Kommunebibliotek, Kolding
1980 Suså Bibliotek, Glumsø
1980 Ribe Folkebibliotek, Ribe
1980 Værløse Hovedbibliotek, Værløse
1980 Nivå Bibliotek
2015: Examples, Artibs, Nordborg as part of Paaskeudstilling and Copenhagen Photo Festival

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