About Artibs

Artibs is a danish based gallery specializing in Fine Art Photography. It is our ambition to offer original, contemporary, and affordable art from great artists at reasonable prices. It is, among other things, possible because all prints are made to order. This way we eliminate the inventory costs.
On the international market, you often see images that are printed in very small editions to be sold at very high prices. The record is held by the Australian landscape photographer Peter Lik, who sold the image ‘Phantom’ to an anonymous private collector for 6.5 million dollars in 2014. However, there are several who have expressed doubts about this trade.
The previous record belonged to the German photographer Andreas Gursky, whose work, Rhein II, with targets 185 x 365 cm, was sold at Christie’s in New York in 2011 for 4.3 million dollars. It is not stated whether there are several copies of Rhein II, but most of Gurskys works printed in an edition of 6 copies, as well as two proofs to the photographer.
Artibs concept aims a little wider. Usually we offer our prints in a variety of two or tree different sizes with individual number sequences. In addition, there may be produced one or more proofs for the artists approval.
Our limited edition prints, are numbered and comes with certificate of authenticity, signed by the photographer. It is therefore original works in accordance with international standards.
Open Editions are, as the name indicate, not limited in numbers. They are not signed by the artist, but still made to the same high standards, and that makes it possible for us to offer high quality prints at competitive prices.
If nothing else is mentioned, the works are produced as pigment prints on paper with proven long-lasting durability. This technique offers the widest possible color space of all print methods at all.